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Here are some of the FAQ Marlee Country Kennels get asked. If your question is not here, contact us and ask.

Can we bring our own food?
Yes, if you prepare each daily meal during your dog’s stay.  No fee will apply.
If you would like us to prepare the food for you, a $2.00 extra will be charged per day.

Do you take old dogs and do you medicate, if so how much?
Yes we do take old dogs and no fee for medication.

Can we bring own bed, blanket, toys and are squeaky toys allowed?
Yes all the above welcome, please put your pets name on each and don’t bring valuables or sentimental items.

My dog was very quiet and slept a lot when she came home, is this normal?
Yes. This can be due to having such a great time with us, lots of exercise or sometimes if your dog has been excited and been barking a lot.

My dog had diarrhoea or very soft poos, is this normal?
This is due to change of diet and water, much like when humans travel.Swimming is fun at Marlee Country Kennels

I have more than 1 dog, can they go together?
Yes of course.
All dogs from one family go together unless requested to be separately and then you pay for extra kennel.

What vaccinations are required?
C5 vaccination.
We need to see your vaccination record when you bring your dog to stay. Photocopies are accepted.

What are business hours?
We are open 7 days a week, 8am to 11am and then 3pm to 5pm.

How am I charged for my pet’s stay?
Per calendar day.
We charge for each day your dog stays with us, including the day of admission and day of departure.

Eddie chasing his ball at Marlee Country Kennels

Do you do fly in fly out worker (FIFO) dog care?
Yes – Our FIFO dogs get special care, see our FIFO section.

Do you do doggy day care?
Yes – Fully supervised by our friendly and experienced staff, your dog will have fun all day, be brushed and ready to pick up happy, see our doggy daycare section.

Do you require a deposit when booking?
A Non- refundable deposit is required for all school holiday, Easter and Christmas booking.
No deposit is required for booking out of these peak times (School holidays / Easter / Christmas).

Do you have a different question from the FAQ Marlee Country Kennels?

Just email us or ring  on 08 9753 1351 and ask.