Sasha is a regular FIFO visitorand we love having her to visitFirst time at a dog boarding kennel?

Most dogs cope very well with boarding for the first time at a dog boarding kennel. Usually, dogs take to the kennel quite readily, a bit of fuss, a run round the exercise area and they are fine. A nervous or timid dog will normally take a little longer to settle in and within day or so; they will be bouncing around as usual. It is normal for a dog to be a little apprehensive at first.

Things to help you feel more comfortable in leaving your dog for the first time are:

  • Inspection. Ring and make an appointment for an inspection of our kennel facilities.
  • Ask lots of question.
    Read our testimonials page and Facebook page for what other dog owners think about our kennel facilities.
  • Bring your dog’s favourite toy or blanket with them, a familiar scent is always good.

Pre – boarding visitMarlee Country Kennels staff enjoying her job. Doggy kisses!

If your dog is elderly or you are really concerned, we recommend a pre-boarding visit.

Both you and your dog will know what to except from your upcoming boarding and your stress levels will be reduced.

A pre-boarding visit  consists of at least 4 hours visit ($16 per dog), during which time your dog will be put in a kennel for a while, then have a play and a run around in the exercise yard, similar activities to what will happen when she comes to board. The pre-boarding visit will give your dog a taste of what happens in kennel life and we will be able to see how she reacts with other dogs too. When you come to pick up your dog, we’ll be able to let you know how your dog went and how they reacted to the different aspects of the day. We will be able to answer your questions and talk through any concerns you may have. Maddy loved her visit at Marlee Country Kennels

Come and visit us at Marlee Country Kennels
and see for yourself what a great holiday your dog will have.