Perfect Fit Harness – Available in Australia

Perfect Fit Harness
Perfect Fit Harness, these fabulous harnesses are now available in Australia. Designed and made in the UK, these harnesses can be fitted to every type of dog no matter whether they are large or small, thin or round. Order direct from Marlee Country Kennels Busselton Western Australia.

Are you sick on harnesses that don’t fit your furry friend because they are too big for one size and not big enough for the next size? Not anymore!

Perfect Fit Harness  is safe for you and your dog, comfortable and with the unique 3 part system. It comes in  4 clip sizes with 4 sizes of front piece and then up to 4 sizes of top piece so multiple combinations to mix and match to get the exact fit.
Perfect Fit Harness Dogs photo Anouk van Doorn



The ultimate walking harness

  • Easy to put on – clips around the neck, then swings between legs and clips either side
  • Safe for escapologist dogs – the neck hole can be made smaller than the dog’s skull
  • Adjustable over shoulders, front of chest and around the girth
  • Front D-ring available for use with a double ended lead
  • Pieces can be replaced as your dog grows, if you want a different coloured top or if a piece becomes damaged or chewed
  • Ability to fit front limb amputees (“Tripawds”)
  • Calming – snug fit reassures and relaxes many dogs
  • Enables dogs to put their head to the ground to stimulate their natural working and sniffing instincts for mental wellbeing
  • Prevents pain, choking and injury to the sensitive throat and neck area
  • Recommended by vets, trainers and behaviourists

CHEWED? If your harness gets chewed replace that piece no need to throw the WHOLE HARNESS away.Perfect Fit Harness - Closeup

Soft & Comfortable With Wide, Thick Padded Straps

Quickly results in an improvement to your dog’s health & wellbeing by
• Preventing pain, choking & injury to the sensitive throat &
neck area
• Reducing anxiety & adrenaline levels that can cause heightened reactivity & unwelcome behavioural problems
• Allowing a dog to walk calmly, naturally & in balance near other dogs
• Enabling it to put its head to the ground to stimulate its natural working & sniffing instincts for mental well-being
• Preventing rubbing, friction & soreness on its skin & matting of its coatPerfect Fit Harness Explained

Perfect Fit Harness is particularly suitable for dogs with:

• Sensitive skin
• Eye problems caused by intraocular pressure
• Tracheal disorders
• Sensitive throats after kennel cough
• Syringomyelia
• Dogs recovering from surgery on the neck
• And the Perfect Fit style is so adaptable that we can fit forelimb amputees

Perfect Fit Harness for cats, horses and pet pig too!

Perfect fit harnesses are so versatile as you can use them for cats, small horses, ponies and pet pigs.

Perfect Fit Harness Dogs coloursPerfect Fit Harness Chaya 20mm Perfect Fit Harness Cats too Perfect Fit Harness - Horses too Pig photo by Sharon Why Use a Perfect Fit Harness

Available from Marlee Country Kennels Busselton Western Australia ring 08 9753 1351 for sizing details.