ThunderShirt for calming dogsThunder Shirt
– Does your dog suffer from anxiety?

A patented design ThunderShirt is the answer for you.

Constant pressure is gently applied to your dog’s body by the ThunderShirt and this has a remarkable calming effect in over 80% of dogs.

The ThunderShirts  are a gentle, safe, non-invasive, drug-free way of effectively treating dogs who suffer from anxiety caused by

  • Storms and thunder
  • Separation
  • Travel
  • Anxious barking problems
  • Noise anxiety
  • and other forms of anxiousness

ThunderShirts are made from soft, fully washable, breathable fabric; easy to use and training is not required.

Pressure has been used to reduce anxiety for many years. Vets and farmers have been using
squeeze chutes when vaccinating cattle to reduce stress for a long time.

ThunderShirt for calming anxious dogsThunderShirts have helped thousands of dogs through the world and is a simple cost effective way to give your dog back their enjoyment in life.

How does a ThunderShirt work?

The constant pressure
This pressure is much like wrapping up a baby to keep them secure and calm. The ThunderShirt goes around your dog’s tummy and is held on by Velcro.
Are ThunderShirts safe?
Yes, just like having your dog wear a coat but better.
Drug free?
Yes, no drug or medication is required
Easy to use?
Yes, Thundershirt came with a good 4 step diagram.
Yes, in 80% of all dogs tested.

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Easy, drug-free way to deal with stress in your Dog. Get a ThunderShirt!